November 2, 2022

Putting a face with the name – Dealership Staff Photos

I’m shocked at the amount of dealership websites I visit and see such a large percentage of dealers either don’t have staff pages with photos, or even worse they have the “ghost” outline photos.


Who made that decision? In 2019 we put a lot of effort into humanizing our dealerships. We focus time on internal processes for how customers are greeted, we spend advertising dollars discussing how our dealerships are easy to do business with – that our process is painless, have you in and out in your new vehicle in “x” amount of time, etc. We strive to put a personal touch on our customer experience and yet don’t express that personal touch digitally.


It leads be to believe one of two things:

1) Your turnover is so high that a store is embarrassed. We realize people and opportunities change in a store and staff does as well. If that’s the case, keep it updated!

2) I hear the argument that you’re afraid other dealers will steal your employees – that’s a virtually non-existent problem at a good store where your people are treated well. The few that are willing to jump ship so easily lack loyalty, you don’t need that kind of person representing your store anyway.


Take staff photos, write short bios, include relevant info that makes them an asset to your store and customers browsing your site – an example would be if they speak fluent Spanish or another language. Personalize and humanize your websites – your website is your digital showroom and your staff are your biggest assets. Look at the photo below – which best represents your dealership to your customers?

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