April 17, 2024

Hold Your Vendors Accountable! Level Up!

I talk about vendor accountability a lot —it’s a topic that needs frequent and transparent discussion. How well are your digital vendors really performing? Are your digital marketing dollars being spent accurately and efficiently? And which vendors are actually driving meaningful engagements on your website?

If you’re not consistently asking and answering these questions, while adjusting budgets monthly, you’re simply not reaching your full potential. You’re missing out on sales and leaving profit on the table.

How many months are you okay with not being at your best? How many months will you settle for just being ‘okay’? If you think you’re selling as many vehicles as possible, think again.

Vendor self-reporting is dangerous. I’ll keep saying it: vendors have no real motivation to accurately report their shortcomings in digital marketing campaigns. They’ll twist numbers to make themselves look good month after month, just to keep your money flowing to them, even if the results are mediocre at best. Now, don’t get me wrong, not all digital vendors are bad. Some excel. But you absolutely need an independent third party to dig into the data and keep your vendors honest.

That’s where Dealer Insights comes in. We’re automotive reporting experts. From vehicle engagement to digital campaign ROI, we’ll show you what’s working and who’s dropping the ball. We’re one of the founding members of the Automotive Standards Council, so we know the importance of standardized metrics in evaluating vendors.

It’s time to demand accountability and transparency from your digital vendors. It’s time to level up and truly understand what’s working and what’s holding you back at your dealership. If you’re ready to hold your vendors accountable, get in touch with us today.

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