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Automotive Standards Council

Dealer Insights is a proud founding member of the Automotive Standards Council (ASC), which is an industry-wide initiative aimed at standardizing reporting across technology platforms. This standardization is designed to offer dealers more transparent data. We wholeheartedly endorse the council's efforts, and our tool fully incorporates the adopted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What this translates to for you is that we occupy a distinctive, industry-leading position to analyze this data and offer actionable insights.


Google Analytics 4 has taken the place of UA (Universal Analytics). GA4 demands significant effort to learn, which we have dedicated ourselves to mastering. We've been hard at work setting up GA4 for multiple stores and establishing meaningful reporting definitions for dealers. We are strong proponents of adhering to the Automotive Standards Council's reporting specifications and ensuring vendors are held accountable, and our platform puts you in the drivers seat to make that happen.

Accurate Vendor Reporting

All of your data, all in one place. We aggregate lead data from digital vendors, CRM customer data, DMS sales data, Google Analytics 4 event data, using the Automotive Standards Council specification and more to bring you the most comprehensive dealership intelligence platform available, with the most actionable insights you'll find anywhere. We'll work with you on how you want to see that data, so you'll always have the truth when it comes to making data-driven decisions.

Actionable Dashboards

The abundance of data can be overwhelming. However, we specialize in transforming this data into actionable insights through customized dashboards designed to suit your needs. Our dashboards don't display random numbers; instead, they showcase meaningful metrics specific to your dealership, empowering you to make informed decisions that enhance dealership performance.

KPI's that matter

Reporting is a big buzz word in the automotive industry today. Our reporting system is genuinely tailored to your needs. Just let us know what you'd like to view, and we'll take care of the rest, automatically sending it to your email on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We ensure that the essential data is readily accessible, allowing you to concentrate on managing your store. It's as straightforward as that.

What we do.

I’m often asked the question, “Can you tell me a bit about what your company does?”, and the answer hasn’t always been so simple. We do ALOT when it comes to data analytics/KPI and ROI reporting, but what you need to know is, I’ve been there.

I’ve sat on the dealer side of the desk for years listening to vendors tell me how great they were doing for me.

“Zach, the only way you could do better would be to upgrade to super ultra premium package for only another $1995 per month. Are you in?”

Sound familiar?

Vendor self-reporting is dangerous.

Vendors will lie to you.

You know it, we know it, and now you have the tools to prove it.

Vendors have NO incentive to accurately report on their own product shortcomings and most dealers are too afraid to cancel those vendors because they don’t want to miss out on car deals, so the cycle begins. You write them a check every month, they tell you how great they’re doing for you. It’s been a huge conflict of interest ever since I sat on that side of the desk and the need for a neutral third party to analyze vendor data has never been greater than it is today.

Dealer Insights solves that problem. We’re a neutral third party with the simple goal of giving you actionable data that shows what’s actually working at your dealership. I could spend tons of time telling you exactly how we do what we do and my business partner, Mark Hoffman, is fantastic at that if you want to dive into the data science but for now I’m going to give you the highlights and a little further down the page introduce you to one of our customers, the owner of one of our top performing dealer groups so not only do you get an overview of what we do, you get answers from someone using our product on a daily basis to run an extremely successful operation.

-Zach Everett

Know what's happening on your website.

Know what customers are doing on your website, from VDPs, Form Engagement, Phone Calls, and more.

Hold your vendors accountable.

Easily see which vendors are driving traffic, phone calls, form conversions, appointments, and sales.

Track campaigns compared to where you're selling vehicles.

View which campaigns are most effective based on sales broken down by zip code.

Featured Dealer Profile


After graduating from Texas A&M University with an honors degree in Engineering in 1995, Ben Keating went to work selling cars at a Ford dealership in Austin. Shortly thereafter, he went to work at his father’s Ford dealership in 1996, where he ultimately became part-owner. He bought his first car dealership in 2002 and, thoroughly enjoying the experience, continued to acquire dealerships, at an average rate of one dealership a year for the next 15 years. Today, Ben is the principal owner and chief visionary of the Keating Auto Group, a family-owned company that currently includes 28 popular automobile dealerships across Texas, selling 18 different brands. A professional race car driver in his spare time, Ben has competed in the American Le Mans Series, Grand Am, and the IMSA WeatherTech United Sportscar Championship.

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