February 2, 2024

Feature Friday – Automated Alerts System

Dealerships constantly face the challenge of strategically allocating their marketing budgets to acquire customers and increase sales. With competition for sales at an all time high, it’s imperative for dealers to scrutinize how they spend their digital marketing budgets.

One major hurdle in this process is the time-consuming task of continuously monitoring campaign budgets to identify high-performing and underperforming strategies. However, it’s not just about overall campaign performance – keeping a close eye on specific “high value” engagement events such as VDP (Vehicle Detail Page) views, form submissions & click to call events is equally crucial for a campaign to successfully increase sales and profits. Unfortunately, Google Analytics 4 lacks a user-friendly user interface to track these metrics and provides no real alerting system for potential issues.

Dealer Insights changes this. Our innovative alerts system automates the monitoring process, sending you emails when a significant change in traffic is detected. This proactive approach empowers you to make adjustments promptly, saving both time and money, as opposed to dealing reactively with problems at the end of a campaign or month.

By leveraging Dealer Insight’s automated monitoring, dealerships can stay ahead of the competition, ensuring that their marketing strategies are not only effective but also optimized for maximum customer engagement. Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual tracking of campaigns and embrace a more hands-off efficient and proactive approach with Dealer Insights. Your dealership’s success is just an alert away!



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