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How It Works

All of your data, all in one place. We aggregate lead data from digital vendors, CRM customer data, DMS sales data, Google Analytics 4 event data and more to bring you the most comprehensive dealership intelligence platform available, with the most actionable insights you'll find anywhere.

Google Analytics 4

GA4 is replacing Universal analytics quickly. Dealer Insights is a founding member of the Automotive Standards Council that's decided how digital vendors will use Google Analytics 4. What this means for you is that we're in a unique industry leading position to interpret this data and provide actionable insights.

Decision Driven Dashboards

There's a ton of data floating around out there. It's easy to get overloaded. We make that data actionable with decision driven dashboards. Our dashboards aren't random numbers, they're numbers that matter to YOU, and allow YOU to make decisions to improve dealership performance.

KPI's that matter to YOU.

Reporting is a big buzz word in the automotive industry today. Our reporting is truly custom. Tell us what you want to see, and we make it happen - automatically emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. We put the data you need at your fingertips, so you can focus on running your store. It really is that simple.

Automotive Standards Council

We're founding members of the Automotive Standards Council - ASC - an industry wide initiative to standardize reporting across technology platforms to provide dealers with more transparent data. We fully support the council and our tool embraces the adopted KPI's to provide you with granular reporting allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Featured Dealer Profile


After graduating from Texas A&M University with an honors degree in Engineering in 1995, Ben Keating went to work selling cars at a Ford dealership in Austin. Shortly thereafter, he went to work at his father’s Ford dealership in 1996, where he ultimately became part-owner. He bought his first car dealership in 2002 and, thoroughly enjoying the experience, continued to acquire dealerships, at an average rate of one dealership a year for the next 15 years. Today, Ben is the principal owner and chief visionary of the Keating Auto Group, a family-owned company that currently includes 29 popular automobile dealerships across Texas, selling 18 different brands. A professional race car driver in his spare time, Ben has competed in the American Le Mans Series, Grand Am, and the IMSA WeatherTech United Sportscar Championship.

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