October 2, 2023

New Feature! VDP view comparisons

We’ve rolled out a new feature that easily lets dealers see which vehicles are getting traction on their website, but also be able to dig into a specific campaign, source or medium and see how effective their advertising dollars are at generating VDPs. 

This tool is ideal for quickly seeing which vehicles are getting traffic, how things are trending over time, and with our powerful filtering, you can also dive into a specific segment of your inventory. If you want to see how just your used cars are doing, or how a specific model is doing, then you can easily do that.
More importantly, by being able to filter by a specific source, medium or campaign tag, you can examine the quality of the traffic you are getting from your paid advertisements. Don’t just take your vendor’s word that they are driving traffic and engagement; check their work! 

Best of all,  because Dealer Insights is leveraging the Automotive Standards Council (ASC) specification, it doesn’t matter which website provider that you are using. Our tools work with any ASC compliant vendors, so even if you have 3-4 different website providers in your group, you just one tool for your analytics.

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